October 2, 2017

4th & 6th grade

Just like that...another school year is upon us.  My sweet little lady is in her final year of grade school, and this little man is starting 4th grade.  I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to be their teacher and their mama.  They make me proud.

Look at these two! Starting with Preschool for Ava through 6th grade!

April 5, 2017

technology age problems

When I was little our tv on the boat didn't have a remote.  The windows in our car had to be manually rolled up and down.  Phone calls had to be made from home...or from a booth (assuming it wasn't occupied by Superman).  Photos were taken by film then taken to be developed where, fingers crossed, there was at least one good photo among the lot.  I could go on...but I think the point is being made.  Poor kids these days.  Not every screen is a touch screen, and not every object can answer your command.

In our dining/school room we have an Alexa device.  The kids take great joy in asking her enlightening questions like, "Alexa...tell me a joke" and "Alexa...what's the weather today?"  We recently visited Gramma and Grampa's house and the kids discovered she has a Google Home device.  The devices look different but both respond to their "wake up" names, Alexa and Google respectfully.

Setting the scene...we are at Nana's house and I'm reading on the couch, Ava is playing on the floor, and Noah is puttering around.  Next thing I hear....

Noah:  (very quietly) "Hey Google?"
Noah:  "Hello.....Google?"

Curious, and knowing my mom doesn't have Google Home or Alexa, I got up and looked in my mom's bedroom.  There's Noah...talking to my mom's air freshener.  (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

March 12, 2017

malcolm & noah

Spent time with my sweet nephew yesterday...flashbacks to my little man!  The drool, the love of food, the squishy cheeks, the drool, the sweet smiles, those chubby little hands, the drool....  He is so similar to Noah in a lot of ways, but he's got his own personality for sure.  His smile lights up a room!  I'm not sure I could ever have a bad day being around that little guy.

I was looking back through photos of Noah at this age and stumbled upon this gem.  These two really do share a common love...for food!!!!!!  Noah's reaction when he realized the mashed potatoes were "all gone."  And then again when offered more food.  Oh my.

I mean...look at these two cuties!!

January 17, 2017


It's been a really rough week, especially for little Roo.  She was complaining about her throat being sore, then when I looked in and saw a lot of white we decided it was time to take her to the doctor.  I assumed it was strep throat...but the rapid test came back negative.  The doctor took another swab and sent it to the lab.  Three days later we got a call that the labs were negative for strep.  What?!  Back to the office we go.  The sweet nurse tested her for the flu and mono.  Guess what?  Mono!

Deeeeeep breath.  I came home and did a LOT of research on mono and came to the realization things weren't as bad as I thought.  It's really rare, 10%, for kids to get the symptoms of mono.  Lucky Ava!  We just need to give her advil for the sore throat and then just keep her rested.  She amazes me with her sweet spirit and great attitude.  We will do our best to get her well as soon as possible.  Our goal is weeks not months!

On our way home from the doctor....I even offered to stop and get her ice-cream!  Nope, she just wanted to go to bed.  Poor girl.

While we were at the doctor's office....sweet little brother left her a note on the school board.

December 26, 2016


Family day at Snoqualmie for some tubing!  It has changed a LOT since I was a kid.  The kids had a great time and I got a pretty great workout.
Not exactly the speedy slopes of Leavenworth...but still very fun! (and far safer:)

December 25, 2016

merry christmas!

Today we celebrate the birth of our Savior, without whom our hope for life eternal in glory would be lost.

The kids this year asked for a Baby Ergo (Ava), and a Nerf crossbow (Noah). It isn't lost on me how blessed we are to make these little people's one gift request come true on Christmas morning. We have always had our needs met as well as been able to provide fun things for our children too. That is a blessing and we are both humbled and grateful.

The warrior...

Little mama...

After the morning of stockings and excellent treats for breakfast, it was time to party with Nana, McPhee's, and Grandfather!

The kids received the most AWESOME books from Nana. The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Daring Book for Girls. In Ava's book there was a section on how to whistle...

Lucy....warrior AND little mama.

Even Grandfather got into the crossbow.

But the photo of the day goes to Malcolm...taking advantage of mommy sleeping...phone is left unsupervised....nobody sees me, right?

December 24, 2016

christmas eve

Another Christmas Eve in the books.  This season is always a little hectic yet on Christmas Eve...when the kids have gone to bed...and it's quiet....the lights have a little more twinkle....the couch is a little cozier....it's simply wonderful.

The day was spent with the Coury grandparents.  Delicious food, comfortable couches (...maybe/maybe not a very nice nap), lovely gifts exchanged, and then my favorite part of the evening the candlelight service.

Yes.  This was the best family photo of the night.
...and then we hang the stockings.

December 22, 2016

tiny dancers

I found this gem while looking through past photos.  They are the best.  Each time I look back at photos or videos of the kids I can't believe how much they've grown.

December 16, 2016


This is one of my favorite traditions.  We've been taking Ava to see the Nordstrom Seattle Santa since she was a baby.  Last year Lucy....well....she wasn't a fan.  We were all a little worried, but to our pleasant surprise she did GREAT!  She sat on his lap and looked over at all of us and exclaimed "I'm not crying!"  Oh how we love that Lucy girl.

The traditional pre-Santa pictures were cut short this year because the wait was only 10 minutes!  What?!  Call me crazy....but I kind of missed the wait.  It was really strange zipping right in and getting to our turn so quickly.  But, here are a few fun "waiting" moments.
She loves her Uncle Brian.
....and oh how I love her!
Proof she did it!
These two still melt my heart.
This is GOOD bread!

December 13, 2016


Two things I really love...adventures and Auntie Lorna.  When we hatched a plan to pop over to Leavenworth for the night I said YES!  We ended up taking Grandfather, who is 100 years young I might add, with us.  The WorldMark condo's in Leavenworth are amazing.  The kids could hardly wait to suit up and get out in the snow.

Sitting in the car can wear a guy out.  Isn't he cute though?  Naptime.
Don't you wish a photo could capture the true beauty of a place?  The clouds, the snow, and the mountains....ah!  Breathtaking!
While I helped Auntie Lorna unload the car and get Grandfather settled, the kids grabbed their gear and headed for the slope.   The first hill was right outside our condo.  When I went out to join them they were all standing at the top...seemingly too scared to go down.  Pssshh.  I wasn't scared.  Please.  Kids these days.  So soft.  I grabbed a sled, ready to show these kids how it was done, sat right down...started down the hill...aaaaand the rest is a horrific blur.  There was screaming...it may have been coming from me...bumps, jarring, snow, and so so much speed.  I humbly admitted they may have a point about the hill, and we moved on to gentler slopes!

Snow....and this cute little man.
We decided to take Grandfather into town to see the lights.  It was cooooold but pretty!
These characters!
Sleds? We don't need no stinking sleds!