October 2, 2017

4th & 6th grade

Just like that...another school year is upon us.  My sweet little lady is in her final year of grade school, and this little man is starting 4th grade.  I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to be their teacher and their mama.  They make me proud.

Look at these two! Starting with Preschool for Ava through 6th grade!

May 29, 2017

special quarter

I love this boy.  I found this note he left for Ava.  My heart melted.  He found a quarter that was from the year she was born and set it out for her.

May 27, 2017

hogwarts bound

This year Ava is turning 11, and you know what that means....Hogwarts Letter!  I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids at the party or me planning the party.  It's no secret that I am a HP fan.  Turning our back yard into Diagon Alley was a team effort, and I think it turned out pretty great.  And when I say team effort....I have to thank my amazing mama for all her hard work, my sister for the photos and the awesome Owlery balloons, and my mother-in-law for her unbelievable cake making skills.

First up...the DECORATIONS.
My amazing cousin Alexandra whipped up this "Pin the Scar on Harry" poster.  How crazy talented is she?  This will hang in Ava's room for weeks to come.
Three Broomsticks
This was kind of a last minute addition.  My mom MADE the brooms!  She stained some sticks the kids had collected, and stripped of their bark, from her woods.  She also found the really cool jug.  I pushed print on the Gilly Water labels and stuck them on water bottles.  I know, I know...pretty impressive, right?
The Owlery
Quidditch Pitch
The Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley
Another creation where my mom very kindly indulged me, the Diagon Alley sign.  That was not an easy task.  She listened to my "vision" and made it happen.  I think it turned out pretty great.
When I told my mama we might want to have a "Sorting Hat" but it's totally okay if we don't...she made this.  It's incredible.
Third Floor Corridor
This might have been my favorite project. The wands were made from chopsticks, yarn, hot glue, and paint. There were enough for each student to take one home...and only my sweet sweet niece Lucy used an unforgivable curse on me.
Acceptance Letters
Diagon Alley - Kids getting their wands, treats, and supplies.
The Golden Snitch
This might have been my second favorite project, creating a Golden Snitch pinata. I didn't anticipate the little kids busting it open so quickly! The older kids handled it really well, but I was bummed they didn't have to work harder and take a few swings to crack that snitch.
Pin the Scar on Harry
I just need to pause this post to bring you the cutest Hogwarts student.
The Scavenger Hunt
My wonderful mother-in-law is such a good sport. When I came to her awhile back and asked if she would be willing to take on a Harry Potter cake she didn't hesitate, just said yes! Not only did she make a Sorting Hat out of rice krispy treats covered in chocolate, she also make gluten free golden snitch cake pops AND a huge cake with all the houses represented. Amazing.
The Birthday Crew
I love these two with my whole heart. Happy Birthday my loves.