January 17, 2017


It's been a really rough week, especially for little Roo.  She was complaining about her throat being sore, then when I looked in and saw a lot of white we decided it was time to take her to the doctor.  I assumed it was strep throat...but the rapid test came back negative.  The doctor took another swab and sent it to the lab.  Three days later we got a call that the labs were negative for strep.  What?!  Back to the office we go.  The sweet nurse tested her for the flu and mono.  Guess what?  Mono!

Deeeeeep breath.  I came home and did a LOT of research on mono and came to the realization things weren't as bad as I thought.  It's really rare, 10%, for kids to get the symptoms of mono.  Lucky Ava!  We just need to give her advil for the sore throat and then just keep her rested.  She amazes me with her sweet spirit and great attitude.  We will do our best to get her well as soon as possible.  Our goal is weeks not months!

On our way home from the doctor....I even offered to stop and get her ice-cream!  Nope, she just wanted to go to bed.  Poor girl.

While we were at the doctor's office....sweet little brother left her a note on the school board.

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