April 5, 2017

technology age problems

When I was little our tv on the boat didn't have a remote.  The windows in our car had to be manually rolled up and down.  Phone calls had to be made from home...or from a booth (assuming it wasn't occupied by Superman).  Photos were taken by film then taken to be developed where, fingers crossed, there was at least one good photo among the lot.  I could go on...but I think the point is being made.  Poor kids these days.  Not every screen is a touch screen, and not every object can answer your command.

In our dining/school room we have an Alexa device.  The kids take great joy in asking her enlightening questions like, "Alexa...tell me a joke" and "Alexa...what's the weather today?"  We recently visited Gramma and Grampa's house and the kids discovered she has a Google Home device.  The devices look different but both respond to their "wake up" names, Alexa and Google respectfully.

Setting the scene...we are at Nana's house and I'm reading on the couch, Ava is playing on the floor, and Noah is puttering around.  Next thing I hear....

Noah:  (very quietly) "Hey Google?"
Noah:  "Hello.....Google?"

Curious, and knowing my mom doesn't have Google Home or Alexa, I got up and looked in my mom's bedroom.  There's Noah...talking to my mom's air freshener.  (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

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