December 13, 2016


Two things I really love...adventures and Auntie Lorna.  When we hatched a plan to pop over to Leavenworth for the night I said YES!  We ended up taking Grandfather, who is 100 years young I might add, with us.  The WorldMark condo's in Leavenworth are amazing.  The kids could hardly wait to suit up and get out in the snow.

Sitting in the car can wear a guy out.  Isn't he cute though?  Naptime.
Don't you wish a photo could capture the true beauty of a place?  The clouds, the snow, and the mountains....ah!  Breathtaking!
While I helped Auntie Lorna unload the car and get Grandfather settled, the kids grabbed their gear and headed for the slope.   The first hill was right outside our condo.  When I went out to join them they were all standing at the top...seemingly too scared to go down.  Pssshh.  I wasn't scared.  Please.  Kids these days.  So soft.  I grabbed a sled, ready to show these kids how it was done, sat right down...started down the hill...aaaaand the rest is a horrific blur.  There was may have been coming from me...bumps, jarring, snow, and so so much speed.  I humbly admitted they may have a point about the hill, and we moved on to gentler slopes!

Snow....and this cute little man.
We decided to take Grandfather into town to see the lights.  It was cooooold but pretty!
These characters!
Sleds? We don't need no stinking sleds!

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