December 16, 2016


This is one of my favorite traditions.  We've been taking Ava to see the Nordstrom Seattle Santa since she was a baby.  Last year Lucy....well....she wasn't a fan.  We were all a little worried, but to our pleasant surprise she did GREAT!  She sat on his lap and looked over at all of us and exclaimed "I'm not crying!"  Oh how we love that Lucy girl.

The traditional pre-Santa pictures were cut short this year because the wait was only 10 minutes!  What?!  Call me crazy....but I kind of missed the wait.  It was really strange zipping right in and getting to our turn so quickly.  But, here are a few fun "waiting" moments.
She loves her Uncle Brian.
....and oh how I love her!
Proof she did it!
These two still melt my heart.
This is GOOD bread!

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